The company behind the fastest zip line in the world and underground bouncy nets has just launched its latest attraction in time for summer 2019, the UK’s only mountain cart experience.

The new attraction, Quarry Karts, is situated on the edge of the historic Penrhyn slate quarry and will allow visitors to challenge themselves on an exhilarating, mountainous track. All while taking in the breath-taking Welsh views which could soon be classed as a World Heritage site rivalling the scenery of the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef.

A go cart travelling down a slalom obstacle course of tyres and tunnels at a former slate quarry.
Quarry Kart at Zip World with people on the zip line above

On the new £1million adrenaline experience riders will make their way down the three-kilometre dirt track which starts at 1500ft+ above sea level at a 10% gradient overcoming a series of obstacles on the way, including chicanes, tunnels and banked corners.

The karts are gravity fuelled, with a low centre of gravity and the independent hydraulic disc brakes provide the control needed to drift around corners while putting rider’s reflexes, judgement and white-knuckle driving ability to the test.

Quarry Kart at Zip World against the backdrop of mountains and the blue reservoir

This is the latest attraction from Zip World which has 13 adventures across three locations in North Wales with experiences including Bounce Below, a unique subterranean bouncy nets system in slate caverns, Fforest Coaster the UK’s only alpine coaster and a variety of the fastest and longest zip lines.

The adventure business also has plans to expand into the South Wales valleys with three new zip lines.

For more information and to book tickets for Quarry Karts, as well as their other attractions, visit the Zip World website or call +44 (0)1248 601 444.


Published 7 October 2019

Quarry Karts is the first and only mountain cart experience in the UK, where thrill-seekers can take on nature and gravity as they descend the mountain and take in the breath-taking views.” “Over the past five years as a company we’ve contributed £251m to the Welsh economy, and at our peak creating 400 jobs, with 93% of the staff being from the local area. We’re proud to be diversifying the North Wales area and bringing people from all walks of life to our beautiful country.”

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