From its multi-activity adventure breaks to wild wellness retreats and epic hiking experiences, Adventure Tours UK worked with ecollective, a forward-thinking sustainability consultancy, to measure the carbon footprint of every single group tour. Even the carbon emissions of its remote-working employees were measured and collated to calculate key sustainability metrics about the business and its tours.

Every wild escape on Adventure Tours UK’s website now features a clear carbon label, enabling customers to make an informed decision about their next adventure holiday. And work has already begun to actively reduce these carbon emissions even further.

At ecollective we’re committed to helping businesses fight the climate crisis. Calculating a carbon footprint is complex but we have made it as simple as possible to measure carbon performance today and provide tools to improve it tomorrow. We worked closely with Adventure Tours UK and its partners to gain accurate data on their operations to include in our calculations.”

Adventure Tours UK’s holidays average at just 15kg CO2e per person per day. Compare that to a typical multi activity holiday in Croatia with flights at 122kg CO2e or mountain biking in the French Alps at 45kg per person per day and it’s clear these tours really are a positive step forward for combating climate change.

The planet is in crisis: from climate change to pollution, as well as the devastation of our biodiversity. We all know we need to reduce our carbon footprint, but as an individual that can be hard to translate into meaningful action. That’s why we believe every travel company should be transparent about their carbon footprint and how they’re working to reduce it. This transparency is part of our Adventure Promise to our guests, our communities and the world around us.”

Low carbon holidays doesn’t mean less is included, Environmental performance is a key consideration when selecting accommodation and activity partners. And the delicious meals feature locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible. All of this helps to keep Adventure Tours UK’s carbon footprint low, whilst supporting small independent businesses.

This UK adventure holiday company is taking leaps forward in helping to make travel better for everyone.

If you’re a travel agent keen to enhance your responsible travel product portfolio, or a tour operator looking to add Wales as an epic and environmentally friendly destination, get in touch with Adventure Tours UK.

Claire Copeman smiling at the camera wearing outdoor gear and carrying a backpack with mountains in the background.
A man standing on a rocky mountain, with views of green pasture beyond.

Co-founders Claire Copeman and Jim Gaffney

Published 25 January 2021

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