Please note, although the festival occurred in September 2020, all online experiences and 3D virtual tours are still available to view using the links below.


Powered by digital technology, Cadw has announced the launch of its very own, virtual representation of Wales’s annual and ever popular heritage event, Open Doors.

The physical event, which famously offers visitors free entry to hundreds of historic monuments, museums and unusual landscapes during the month of September, has been cancelled this year to help keep visitors and the wider communities of Wales safe against the threat of coronavirus.

Determined to offer an alternative way for people across the UK and beyond, to engage with Wales’ built heritage, Cadw’s Open Doors Online will enable thousands of people to virtually explore and discover ten of Cadw’s most spectacular historic sites including Wales’s iconic fairy-tale Castle, Castell Coch and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Harlech Castle.

From interactive, virtual site tours to immersive panoramic experiences, the free online festival will be hosted on Cadw’s website and social media channels, with members of the public invited to access each digital experience on desk-stop computers, tablets, mobile phones or through the use of VR headsets.

Created by Cardiff-based virtual-reality experts, 4Pi Productions, the experience-driven content makes use of 360° photography and scanning technology, which will allow users to control their journey around each virtual monument or historic site.

The festival’s digital experiences will be released weekly on Cadw’s website and social media channels, following four core themes: Neolithic Tombs (Tuesday 01 – Sunday 06 September), Castles of the South (Monday 07 – Sunday 13 September), Abbeys and Ironworks (Monday 14 – Sunday 20 September) and Castles of the North (Monday 21 – Wednesday 30 September). The experiences will be available to enjoy online after these dates.

Those who tune-in to the digital celebration will be able to virtually experience a wide array of historical monuments, including Neolithic sites, Bryn Celli Ddu and Pentre Ifan, as well as an array of medieval monuments — from Raglan Castle and Tintern Abbey in the south, to Valle Crucis Abbey and Castell y Bere in the north.

Although some staffed Cadw sites have now re-opened, visitor capacities are limited and many properties remain closed — pending the installation of new health and safety measures. In order to avoid these on-site limitations, Open Doors Online will offer an alternative, digital way for past and prospective visitors to engage with Welsh heritage this September.

However, those who would like to physically visit Cadw’s selection of re-opened staffed monuments during coming weeks and months, are able to purchase pre-paid site entry tickets on the Cadw website. At this time, pre-booked tickets are compulsory for entry to any of Cadw’s re-opened staffed sites, with all visitors, including Cadw members, required to select a time-allotted visitor slot to manage the number of people on-site at any one time. The website also has details for group and Travel Trade bookings.

Further information and the full schedule for Cadw’s Open Doors Online festival is available on their website.


Published 2 September 2020

The ruins of an abbey with sunlight shining through the arched windows.

Tintern Abbey

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