Meet the Wales team

Meet one of our Wales representatives and partners at the following business events:




Association World Congress

Portugal Cascais, Estoril Coast

15-17 April, 2020

MeetGB 2020

Newport, Wales

22-24 April, 2020

M&I Forum - Europe Spring

Dublin, Ireland

26-29 April, 2020


Frankfurt, Germany

21-23 May, 2020

The Meetings Show

London, England

24-25 June, 2020

M&I Forum - Europe Summer

Oslo, Norway

5-8 July, 2020

IGTM 2020 - International Golf Travel Market

Newport, Wales

19-23 October, 2020

IBTM 2020

Barcelona, Spain

1-3 December, 2020


For further information about any of the above events or opportunities to book an appointment with a Wales representative, please email the Meet In Wales team.

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