It’s party time in Wales on 1 March. That’s when we all come together to celebrate Saint David (Dewi Sant in Welsh), our patron saint. But what you can you do to mark this special occasion? Here are a few ideas.

Hear the sound of (Welsh) music

Head to St David’s Hall in Cardiff (where else?) for an afternoon of stirring Welsh song. It’s a thoroughly Welsh affair, with the Welsh folk group Calan joining BBC NOW to mark St David’s Day with a UK premiere of Cân Cnawd y Pridd – a suite of five compositions inspired by collections of traditional Welsh songs and tunes at the National Library of Wales. The suite is dedicated to the memory of Meredydd Evans - one of the most important song collectors of the 20th Century, and a titan of Welsh culture. The piece is a joint commission between BBC NOW and Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne.


people taking selfies and standing in round castle turret with mountain and sea view
view from inside castle of two turrets and wall with someone walking in castle grounds
Conwy and Harlech Castles 

Be the king of the castle

You can hardly move for castles here. At the last count we had more than 600 fabulous fortresses dotted across our landscape. These include big hitters like the UNESCO World Heritage Site castles at Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Conwy and Harlech, plus lesser-known spots like lonely Llansteffan and Dolbadarn, built by native Welsh princes. If you want to get a closer look at some of these iconic Welsh sites, we’ve got you covered. To celebrate St David’s Day, Cadw is offering free entry to many of our historic places. Storming the ramparts couldn’t be easier.

Beaumaris Castle, on the Isle of Anglesey, from above.
Beaumaris Castle

Visit a miniature city

Established by our patron saint in the 12th century, pretty little St Davids in south-west Pembrokeshire doesn’t have much in common with places like Birmingham or London. But thanks to the presence of its huge, purple-stoned cathedral, this settlement of around 2000 people is officially the UK’s smallest city. It’s also the religious centre of Wales, with two trips here said to be worth one pilgrimage to Rome. 

A large cathedral in its green grounds.
St Davids Cathedral

There’ll be plenty happening on 1 March as the whole town celebrates the life of its most famous inhabitant, including music, special church services and a pilgrims’ walk. 

Bara brith in a tin.
Glamorgan sausages frying in a pan.
A bowl of cawl on a table with bread.
Traditional Welsh food: Bara brith, Glamorgan sausages and cawl.

Have a great Welsh cake bake off

Fuel your epic St David's Day out by seeing who can make the best homemade Welsh cakes and Bara Brith. Or cook up a traditional Welsh meal of cawl or Glamorgan sausages when you get home.

How to make Welsh cakes

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