A castle adventure with the kids

We are the Weekes family and we live in north Kent. Mum is freelance writer and blogs at marisworld.com, dad works in Canary Wharf and the twins are 6 and they like running, dancing and playing at being princess. For our newest adventure we visited Conwy Castle in North Wales.

A castle fit for a princess

It’s one of Britain’s oldest castles, steeped in history and built in the most beautiful location. The twins LOVE princesses and are very interested in visiting castles to learn more about how they lived and how princesses spent their time. I wanted to take some beautiful photographs as a reminder of our trip and dad was interested in learning about what the king would eat for dinner!

You can’t miss Conwy Castle, it sits majestically overlooking the harbour and as we drove over the bridge we were taken back by it’s beauty and power. We were given a pencil and card to fill in as we visited the various areas of the castle, it was a trail and finding each panel gave a number and colour, this taught the girls more information about the castle and castle life plus was fun to do as we explored.

The quiet beauty of Conwy Castle took my breath away, it was easy to understand how magnificent the castle must have been in it’s day. The girls loved dressing up as princesses and learning about the clothes they were wearing and I loved holding the bird of prey on my arm although it was heavier than I expected.

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