Tipi Camping - Teepees in Wales

A tipi holiday in Wales begins to the sound of morning birdsong, rather than to the snorts of grazing buffalo. Welsh tipi holidays are for the modern nomad, sick of the confines of the office or city, seeking a simpler but no less luxurious life to be led out under the stars.

Relax in the beautiful Welsh countryside 

Traditionally tipis have been painted with the dreams of those that have slept inside; yours might recall images of Carmarthenshire, Gower or Snowdonia. Your tipi will be decorated with elegant Welsh patterned throws and modern amenities.

Tipis in Wales are usually set in secluded, rural locations away from busy roads on large, private plots of land. Woodlands are a popular setting, but you need not fear of the usual camping headaches, like tent-assembly and dinner on plastic plates.

Tipi glamping

Tipi, Cledan Valley site, Mid Wales

 by vic-tim

Tipis were designed for quick assembly, to better follow the game migrations across the Great Plains. These portable structures provided semi-permanent homes that could be picked up and moved at short notice. However, in Wales tipis are about glamping and may benefit from luxuries like being set on wooden plinths, with facilities in outbuildings and comfortable beds. Historically, buffalo skins from the hunt were sewn together to form the cover, complemented with an interior lining and a canvas or calf skin door. More modern materials are used today, but you still get the same impact as you step through the doorway.

Inside, you will find your tipi surprisingly spacious, with a central chiminea or stove, smoke trickling skywards to disappear out of the flap in the ceiling. Originally, the central fire in a tipi would have been used for cooking as well as heating.

Today, you will usually find modern cooking amenities in adjacent structures, as well as fire pits outside for rustic barbecues.

The floor may be covered with sheepskin rugs, while the beds are strewn with warm throws and cushions. Large tipis with several beds can comfortably accommodate a family or group, while couples looking for a romantic holiday in Wales will love the intimacy and adventure of regular tipis.

Suitable for all weather

Family relaxing in shade outside large tipi

Eco Retreats, Mid Wales

 by Dana&Ron
Lanterns are lit inside for the evening, casting a dancing light across the canvas lining. A ring of poles dart towards the sky, meeting in the middle above the hearth chimney. This provides a very sturdy structure that when pegged to the ground can withstand snow, rain and high winds. Durable, warm and comfortable in winter, the tipi can stay dry year-round during rains and warm during winter. In warm weather a gap might be allowed around the bottom rim of the canvas cover to allow heat to escape. This can be closed in winter to seal the heat in and cold out.

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