Wheelchair Friendly Holidays in Wales

Think that a country known for its coastline and castles might be off limits for wheelchair users? Think again.

360 Beach and Watersports 


I’m pretty easy going when it comes to things like this. I always approach accessibility with a ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’ attitude. Over two weekends spent in Swansea and Cardiff I was treated just as any visitor would be – and that’s how I like it.

I didn’t encounter any obstacles in terms of wheelchair access. Both hotels had rooms with plenty of wheeling space and the bathrooms had all the necessary equipment. Staff at all the restaurants were really accommodating by allocating a table that was easy to get to and making sure a chair was removed to enable me to roll straight in!

Norman keep surrounded by moat at Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle's Norman keep, Cardiff
I was particularly impressed with Cardiff Castle. It’s a Grade I listed building with its origins dating back to Roman times. You don’t really expect to be able to access all areas of the castle; but if there’s a heritage building demonstrating just what can be achieved with a sincere commitment to accessibility, then Cardiff Castle is it. There were lifts installed to allow wheelchair access not only to the castle tunnels but also to the main rooms of the mansion!

360 Beach and Watersports in Swansea

360 Beach and Watersports, Swansea
360 Beach & Watersports in Swansea offers genuinely innovative levels of disabled access. Suddenly you’ve got none of the usual worries: ‘How am I going to get changed?’ or ‘How am I going to go to the toilet?’ Using a beach wheelchair eliminates further issues by enabling easy access across the sand and into the sea. It’s great to see a visitor attraction offering such levels of inclusivity.

If you’re looking to plan a wheelchair accessible holiday to Wales and need sound advice regarding accessibility matters see our accessibility section.