Delyth and Angharad at Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Penglais, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3DE, Wales

Swansea-based mother and daughter duo Delyth and Angharad Jenkins, also affectionately known as DnA, breath a new lease of life into the ancient music of Wales through their intimate and irresistible conversations on the harp and fiddle.

Both musicians have been at the forefront of different generations of traditional music in Wales, through bands such as Calan and Aberjaber. By joining forces to create the mother and daughter duo, DnA instantly stand out. There's a compelling and intriguing connection between the two musicians, which is achieved through that special family connection.

Their performances have been described as "visceral and intense" (Timber and Steel blog) and "a thing of beauty" Cerys Matthews, BBC6 Music. Their debut album Adnabod, released on the fflach:tradd label in 2013, generated praise and critical acclaim, with fRoots magazine describing the album as "one of the best Welsh instrumental folk albums available."

The duo’s second album, Llinyn Arian, which was released in June this year on Sienco Records includes music inspired by a wide range of relationships, including that of mother and daughter. Their unique style of instrumental music conveys the emotion of these relationships where words are often inadequate.

DnA give Welsh traditional music a fresh and innovative sound that avoids stereotype and cliché. Their material comes from a variety of sources. Old collections of Welsh music are a rich seam for them, and they also look in hymn books, where old Welsh tunes have been adapted or ‘hymnified’. In the time-honoured way, they also learn tunes by ear from other musicians. They seek to re-create these old tunes, making them new and fresh.