2018 Menai Strait Regattas at Beaumaris

Beaumaris, Isle Of Anglesey, Beaumaris, Isle Of Anglesey, LL58 8PS, Wales

This year the Regattas are being raced over the fortnight from Monday 30th July and Saturday 11th August. The sailing takes place on the Menai Strait, a narrow stretch of water separating Anglesey from mainland North Wales. The majority of the boats racing are classic boats such as the Fife OD, the Mersey Mylne OD, and the Conway OD but we also welcome Cruisers and Dinghies in handicap fleets. The event is largely based at Beaumaris towards the Northern end of the Strait but other venues along the Strait are included right up to Caernarfon towards the Southern end.

The regattas include the iconic races from Beaumaris to Caernarfon through the Swellies and round Puffin Island.