Caldey Swim 2018 at Caldey Island

Off Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, SA70 7UJ, Wales

This year’s swim is due to take place on Sunday 12th August, starting at 12.45 from Priory Beach, Caldey.

There will be 100 (our maximum) swimmers setting off on what is a genuine Open Sea Swim.

The swim is about 2.5 miles and is not a race but a serious test of swimming competence.

You cannot swim straight across the Caldey Straits because of the tidal rip that runs through them; if you did, you would probably end up in Pendine.

So the swim is timed to coincide with the one hour of low tide slack (to cross the straits) and then the incoming high tide to bring you along Tenby’s South Beach, past St Catherine’s Island and Sker Rock, rounding Tenby Lifeboat house to finish at Tenby Harbour.

The swimmers have two hours to complete the swim, after which they are pulled out of the water (and yes, we have had to pull a few out over the years).

The fastest crossing is 42 minutes but the swimmers understand it is not a race; looking at the finishers’ faces, the mixture of elation and relief reveals how big a challenge this really is.

And what better way of celebrating the Year of the Sea could there be than an event immersed in the sea?