Saturnalia Real Ale Ramble at Llanwrtyd Wells

Powys, Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys, LD5 4RW, Wales

Saturnalia was the major annual festival of the Romans held in December or January each year. It was an event of unrestrained merry making when slaves were temporarily released and reversed roles with their masters and enjoyed the Bacchanalian Frolics and fun, including games.

The Saturnalia Beer Festival has a plethora of winter warmer ales, and there also an abundance of special foods from Roman recipes by Apicius, such as Lumbuli Assi Ita Fiunt (Roast stuffed testicles).

The excesses of the celebrations can be walked off on the Saturnalia Ramble - utilising the routes of old Roman roads where possible, with the added bonus of free ale at the check points.