Digital Photography - Three Part Course at Nationa

Llanarthne, Carmarthenshire, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA32 8HN, Wales

A three part course on digital photography.

24 June - Part 1. This course will cover the basic technical aspects of photography – aperture, shutter speed, camera sensitivity and an explanation of what all the camera buttons do and mean. This is suitable for all cameras – compact camera, bridge camera or DSLR. The type of camera will dictate what part of the content will be suitable for you, but will be applicable to most participants. You will cover the use of Histograms to check correct exposure to ensure your pictures come out as you intend them to be.

27 August - Part 2. Participants must have attended Part 1. You will cover the rules of composition and how to break them. Lens choice can have a dramatic influence on your photographs, so you will look at what they do and how to use them as a creative tool.

29 October - Part 3. This is open to participants that have been on both Part 1 & 2. We will look at how to use the digital darkroom to enhance your images. This will not be a full course on Photoshop but will outline adjustments that can be made in most processing software, whether it comes with the camera or is bought specially for the task. Time depending, we will look at some of the extra accessories that may be useful for moving your photography forward – filters, flash, tripods and other gadgets. It will be a good idea for participants to bring some pictures and a laptop computer, if they have one, to do some editing on in the course.

Booking information: Please call 01558 667150. Nick Davison is the Digital Photography course tutor. The courses will be held at the Garden’s, Principality House, a magnificent Regency building.

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