Being huge fans of animals, it's no surprise that Flea and I were both really excited to have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the amazing zoo animals as part of the zoo keeper experience day

Penguins in enclosure at Folly Farm.

Penguins, Folly Farm

Zoo keeper Flea

We arrived at Folly Farm bright and early, and the first thing we saw was the huge Big Wheel, which makes quite an impression! We got inside quickly and found our bearings easily – the park is easy to navigate and plenty of things to visit in a single day, which is nice when you’ve got small children. 

Giraffes nibbling on twigs
White bait penguin food in aluminium bucket
Photo looking up at the big wheel at Folly Farm against clear blue sky

Folly Farm

We kicked off our adventure by meeting some of the zoo’s staff, and then Flea became a Folly Farm zoo keeper – we visited the penguins and meerkats, then it was feeding time for the giraffes and penguins. 

We both loved feeding the giraffes – Flea quickly got over her nerves and loved seeing these animals up close, and when it came to penguin feeding time she was more than ready to start preparing fish and inserting the penguin’s vitamins. It was such a great experience, and then throwing the fish to the penguins and even getting the chance to hand-feed them was Flea’s favourite part of the day. 

Aerial view over playground at Folly Farm.

Aerial view of Folly Farm

We visited the farm animals too, where it turned out Flea was a natural at milking goats – who’d have guessed?  We also had the chance to visit the lions, and we took the opportunity to explore their indoor adventure play area and amusements during a coffee break.

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