If you love discovering local produce, finding out how things are made or trying the best delicacies from a region, check out these delicious food and drink tours and tastings on The North Wales Way.

Halen Môn Sea Salt, Anglesey

With the right know-how, Anglesey sea water evaporates to produce award-winning salt. At the Halen Môn Visitor Centre on the banks of the beautiful Menai Strait, you can take a tour through the history of salt in the area then take part in a tutor-led salt tasting. After, you can take some home from the gift shop.

Halen Mon - Anglesey Sea Salt Company products on beach
The Halen Môn headquarters.
An internal shot of the Halen Môn shop.
Halen Môn - Anglesey Sea Salt Company

Hawarden Farm Shop

Not only is the Hawarden Estate Farm Shop a haven for foodies, it's also a lovely place to spend a few hours appreciating what nature gives us. With regular tasting events, tours of the grounds, nature trails and seasonal activities, there's always something going on. Be sure to stop by the shop and eating areas to get a taste of the seasonal produce.

Bild von Äpfeln, die auf einen Lkw auf der Hawarden Farm verladen wurden, Nordwales.
Hawarden Farm Shop, Nordwales.
Hawarden Farm shop

Bragdy Conwy Brewery

The Bradgy Conwy Brewery casks and bottles ales using the soft water that flows from the Snowdonia mountains. It offers three different tours and experiences for beer fans. The brewery tour lasts around 90 minutes, which includes a guided journey around the site followed by beer tasting. Alternatively, shadow a brewer for a day as they carry out their brewing duties (you can join in too!), or design your own beer with a group of friends.

Selection of Bragdy Conwy Brewery bottles of beer.
Beer from Bragdy Conwy Brewery

Snowdon Honey Farm and Winery, Llanberis

What started as a hobby in beekeeping turned into a full-time business for the team at the Snowdon Honey Farm and Winery. With free entry and tasters for all customers, a trip to Llanberis is certainly sweeter when it includes honey wine, mead, preserves and rich honey. The little on-site tea room is traditional and cosy, making it a perfect stop mid-drive.

Gwinllan Conwy Vineyard

Against the backdrop of Snowdonia national park, the two-acre Gwinllan Conwy Vineyard could be confused for rustic Italy on a sunny day! On a guided vineyard tour, you can see their special hybrid grape varieties growing on vines, then taste their five varieties from the bottle.

Four bottles of wine - red, two whites and a rose.
Blick auf Gwinllan Vineyard, Conwy, Nordwales.
Gwinllan Vineyard and Bragdy Conwy Brewery in North Wales offer tours

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