Important coronavirus measures

There are currently new travel restrictions in place in Wales to help stop the spread of coronavirus: Coronavirus regulations from 9 November: frequently asked questions.

There are different restrictions in place, depending on whether you live outside or inside Wales. These are detailed as follows.

Restrictions for people living outside Wales

From Monday 9 November, there are new guidelines on visiting places in Wales.

From this time, If you do not live in Wales, travel in to Wales is not allowed without a reasonable excuse (for example travelling for work purposes). Visiting family and friends or having a holiday is not currently considered a reasonable excuse, although we hope to be able to welcome you in the not too distant future.

Visit Wales. Later.

People travelling to Wales from elsewhere in the UK or from abroad must have a reasonable excuse to enter and remain in Wales and must follow all relevant regulations in force in Wales, as explained in the Welsh Government guidance: Coronavirus FAQ - Visiting places.

Making accommodation bookings and reservations

Yes, you can make bookings, however, bookings are subject to future conditions and are made at your own risk. Cancellation policies should be discussed prior to booking. 

Inspiration for the future!

If you're not able to visit Wales at the moment, we recommend browsing this website for inspiration for future visits. Try Visit Wales - Inspire Me or Visit Wales - Nature and landscapes to start off with.

Restrictions for people living inside Wales

From Monday 9 November, there are new guidelines on visiting places in WalesFrom this time, businesses which were required to close during the firebreak will be reopening, the requirement to stay home has been removed, and the restrictions on meeting people have changed. If you live within Wales, the travel restriction on movement within Wales has also been lifted.

You are allowed to go on holiday within Wales if you live here, but not to enter Wales from elsewhere for that purpose. A holiday is not one of the permitted reasons to leave Wales under the Regulations, whether that is elsewhere in the UK or abroad.

Who can I stay with in holiday accommodation such as hotels, tents, caravans or self-catering accommodation? You will only be able to share holiday accommodation with the people you live with. This helps to reduce the risk of coronavirus being transmitted significantly, as sleeping in close proximity to other people carries a high risk of transmission due to the length of time you spend near each other.

Everyone needs to work hard to keep Wales safe by following simple guidance to protect each other, manage pressure on the NHS and reduce the risk that further firebreaks are needed. Please follow physical distancing guidelines and other measures that are in place to keep Wales safe.

If you're looking for inspiration for a short break within Wales, we recommend browsing this website for ideas. How about looking at Short breaks or exploring some Welsh history and heritage

Addo - let's make a promise together

Addo - let's make a promise together.

We’re working with business owners to ensure the return of tourism is safe for staff, community and visitors alike.

Read more about the 'Good to Go' tourism standard and planning for a safe return to tourism in Wales.

We all need to take steps to protect ourselves, our families and our communities if we are to successfully limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Contact tracing plays an important role in helping us resume day-to-day activities and is an important part of our Test, Trace, Protect strategywhich will help us live and work alongside the virus while research continues to find more effective treatments and a vaccine. Find out more about the Test, Trace, Protect process.

The NHS COVID-19 app is an important part of our Test Trace Protect programme to control the spread of Covid-19. The app will be used, alongside traditional contact tracing, to notify users if they come into contact with someone who later tests positive for coronavirus. Find out more about the NHS COVID-19 app and how it works.

Further information

Please refer to the following links for further information on specific areas relating to COVID-19:

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