Die besten Orte zum Kitesurfen in Wales, GB

Wir haben wilde Wellenbrecher für Profis, flache Gewässer für Anfänger und unglaublich viele wunderschöne Landschaften. Kein Wunder also, dass Wales Kitesurfing-Weltmeister hervorbringt. Der britische Meister Marc Rowley verrät uns seine fünf Lieblingsstrände.

  • Little girl watching a group of kitesurfers at Porthcawl beach, Glamorgan Heritage Coast
    Group of kitesurfers at Porthcawl, Glamorgan Heritage Coast

    Porthcawl, home for me, and with one of the best UK pointbreaks for kitesurfing on my doorstep. There are other spots around here too: Rest Bay is a big sandy beach and the surrounding area covers quite a few directions of wind – you can go from north-westerly right around to easterly and there’s a beach here that will work. It’s really accessible too, so a real mix of kitesurfers from South Wales and Bristol.

  • A man kitesurfing on Llangennith beach in the Gower
    Kitesurfing at Llangennith beach, Gower erstellt von Paula J James

    Gower is a little bit more remote, a little bit more rugged. But again, it covers all different wind directions. Llangennith is a beautiful beach and if the surf is small in Porthcawl I come here because it picks up all swell going. The only bad bit is it’s pretty crowded with kayakers, surfers, longboarders and kitesurfers. Mind you, it’s a long beach and it’s nice there aren’t any enforced rules.

  • Man kitesurfing at Broad Haven beach in Pembrokeshire
    Kitesurfing in Pembrokeshire erstellt von Ade-Wales

    There is something magical about Freshwater West; almost kind of scary sometimes because the surf can be so incredible; it’s certainly not for beginners. Every time I come I seem to have an amazing session even though it’s not the best beach for kitesurfing because we want cross-shore winds and over the headlands here they are super-gusty. But Fresh has a raw wild feel I don’t get at Newgale (a popular kitesurfing spot). That has roads, pubs and car parks. This feels like an adventure.

  • Man kite surfing at Cardigan beach, Ceredigion
    Kitesurfing, Ceredigion

    Here, there are waves on one side of a spit of sand and flat water on the other in the estuary. And the way the hook of sand goes out in the estuary this can cover most wind directions; we can stay in the estuary on flat water if it’s offshore and stay safe. Though Borth doesn’t get much swell, it has great scenery with the Snowdonia mountains in the background.

  • Kitesurfing at Rhosneigr beach, Anglesey
    Kitesurfing at Rhosneigr beach, Anglesey

    An epic spot – every time we come to Rhosneigr we have amazing conditions. It’s a good wave spot out the back but has flat water in certain parts of the beach, and again, all Snowdonia is there in front of you. Another plus is that there are a lot of other options within 15 minutes for different wind directions: all of Angelsey plus Llandudno and Black Rock Sands in Porthmadog are really good.

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