We’ve developed content and specific articles based on what we know our customers are looking for. We’ve done that in a data driven way and used search insight, web analytics and social analytics to help us do that. We’ve also taken account of the strategic aims and the priorities outlined in Partnership for Growth.

We’ve tried to come up with a nice geographical spread. We’ve also tried to ensure we have relevant and engaging content for different types of visitor to Wales, without being all things to all people. Which we are not. Where outdoor activities are concerned the information and content here is aimed at the generalist rather than specialist.

A lot of the articles on the site have been commissioned by Visit Wales and written by independent travel writers. We laid down some rules of the road around fairness and inclusivity and then let them do their job. We are pleased with the outcome. We hope you are too but do let us know if you are not. There is an open invitation to work with us to help create content.

The editorial rules of the road

Where lists are concerned we must cover a good regional spread and present them as must do, ten great or don't miss rather than top ten or five of the best.

When mentioning or linking to a specific business we try, where possible, to link to their information on our product database. We also try to include alternatives by way of a pre-filtered search of our product database. Thus providing inclusivity and supporting fairness.

In some instances we have respected editorial choice or tried to support great user experience by linking to the most appropriate resource or next step. Once again we try and signpost alternatives.

All of our content will be reviewed and refreshed on a regular basis. We are working on how we govern and manage our content moving forwards right now. Watch this space.

We have made every effort to ensure that a business has the necessary accreditation, grading or industry standards to be included here.

Outdoor activities

We’ve tried to be extra careful when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. That includes ensuring that safety regulations and best practice are adhered to – and the imagery on the site reflects that. Where there is a National Governing Body (NGB) for the activity concerned we have provided a link. Finally, we endeavor to make sure the content and technical and geographical detail included in it is checked with someone who really knows and understands the activity concerned.


Take care out there. Whilst we have made every effort to ensure that the content and information on this website is accurate, up to date and in line with relevant regulations, accreditation and best practice we cannot be held responsible for any accidents of misadventure that might arise. You have a big part to play in your own safety and enjoyment!

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