Grwyne Fawr Mountain Bike Trail

Powys, Brecon, Brecon, Powys, LD3 9DA, Wales

Start Talgarth Car Park GR 154 338

From CP go into Talgarth centre and take minor road to R of the Tower Hotel. Fork R at first junction and at 2nd junction.
At T-junction on open ground turn R and shortly after go L up wide track between two fences. Follow this track up big climb ( pushing and carrying) to top of Y Das. From top go SO in a SE direction and down. Track follows stream to Grwyne Fawr Reservoir. SO down to tarmac road. SO on road for 3km and turn R on to forest road at black tin shed. At hairpin bend go SO on BW. At junction go L on track. SO for 1 km.
At X roads go SO, then bear R and up to deserted farmhouse (Ffordd-Las-Fawr). Turn L after yard and SO out of forest. Follow track along stonewall all the way to road. Go SO. Beware very steep hill at church. SO to Pen y Bair and fork R, SO at next junction and SO again at next junction. Turn almost immediately R up stoney track into trees. Follow track for 2km and cross road. Track continues through woods and up to Llanbedr village. Turn R at church. At next junction turn R. At next junction take middle of 3 roads. SO and past phone box. SO at junction to end of rough road and SO onto BW.
Follow BW for about 4km, around LH hairpin and onto ridge top with small cairn. Now go SO down on grassy track in SW direction. At end of fence go sharp R and SO down to road. Turn R and go SO to Rhyd-y-Car Farm. Turn L up steep track. SO up and over. Bear R, then SO to gate. Turn L.
Where road turns sharp L go R onto track and SO to road. Turn L and SO back to Talgarth.