Llyn Maritime Museum

Botacho Wyn, Nefyn, Gwynedd, LL53 6HA, Wales

Amgueddfa Forwrol Llyn Maritime Museum is a registered charity [514365] located in St Mary’s Church, Nefyn. The museum has a range of maritime artifacts in its collection which are of cultural or historic importance and linked to Nefyn and Llyn.

St Mary’s Church is a grade II listed building located in the oldest part of the town and is an important part of the local heritage. The sailing ship weather vane on the bell tower of the Old Church serves as a reminder of the area’s ancient maritime tradition.

The maritime heritage of Llyn extends from the days of the early Celtic Saints, Edward I, the days of pirates and smugglers on the coast, maritime trading, tragic wrecks to rescues by lifeboat crews. It is an important part of the local heritage and the character of the area. The sea is never far away in Llyn. Many villages in Llyn owe their existence to the maritime trade and have bred generations of seamen and sailors who delivered their cargo to all corners of the earth. Each community has its own distinctive history and it is important to capture this history and make it available to all.

Our overall aim is to promote the maritime history of the Llyn area and preserve its culture, heritage and artefacts and encourage individuals to take part and enjoy the local maritime heritage. To achieve this we aim to restore St Mary’s Church, Nefyn as a Heritage centre to celebrate the area’s rich maritime heritage.

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