Oriel Flodau Blossoms Gallery

Park Avenue, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 1PB, Wales

Blossoms Gallery is a community art space dedicated to celebrating and promoting all of the arts and providing a creative hub for the community. Blossoms Gallery will showcase the work of local artisans and up and coming student artists, as well as bringing the work of national and international artists to the area.

The gallery also has a special craft shop and will hold seasonal Craft Fairs. The gallery provides the opportunity for all members of the community to engage with the arts through a full program of workshops, courses, live music, story-telling and theatrical events as well as art and music workshops for young people.

Blossoms has a strong environmental policy and has a dedicated upstairs Eco Gallery displaying a series of environmental exhibitions celebrating our beautiful and fascinating planet whilst exploring themes of sustainability, conservation and the environmental problems facing the planet and encouraging artists of all ages to respond to these themes. An Up-cycling Gallery will also display an intriguing selection of up-cycled artwork.

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