About LLwybrau Defaid Eryri – Sheep Walk

For a truly memorable experience in Snowdonia, you can soak up the scenic splendour of the Welsh landscape, leading your very own Zwartbles sheep for company on a leisurely stroll around our farm and along the beautiful shores of Trawsfynydd Lake.
We run two sessions per day and walks start mid-morning or early afternoon, so pick a time that suits you best and remember to pre-book. After a short introduction to us and our farm, we will introduce you to our Zwartbles family. We will then halter up our walking sheep team and set off for a casual walk around our farm. During the walk, feel free to take pictures of the animals and of the stunning scenery. At the end of the walk, you will be given the opportunity to accompany the sheep to their pens where they will have a deserved rest.

The whole experience will take approx 90 minutes.


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