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The TV village of Pentre Bach comprises the houses and workplaces of the characters in the TV series "Pentre Bach" along with their cars, dresses etc. For those not familiar with the series there is an opportunity to see the programme.

Pentre Bach is the resulting brainwave of Ifana, who after writing 100+ episodes of Caffi Sali Mali for S4C, saw the opportunity to base a soap opera for children based on village life and filmed on location called Pentre Bach. The village consists of Ty Golchdy (complete with a cat - Whishgit), Siop Parry Pob Beth, Gwesty Pili Pala and a Caffi where you will be able to have traditional teas and Pentre Bach specials, Gweithdy Bili Bom Bom, Siop Sioni Bric–a-Moni, Ty Pêl Droed etc There is also a village bandstand supporting the Big Band Sound ….
Pentre Bach offers an authentic cultural, educational and fun experience- so good that no unaccompanied adults will be allowed in! An ideal attraction for families and school trips with visits to e.g. Parri Popeth’s Shop, Sali Mali’s House, Dwmplen’s Garden and trail. We can provide a party/ lunch etc. There are all sorts of activities e.g. The Shoe Hunt which is very popular with children and adults!


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