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Mid Wales Mine Adventures
Mid Wales Mine Adventures
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About Mid Wales Mine Adventures

Experience untouched passages and unspoilt landscape of silver, lead, copper and zinc mines in Mid Wales, some of which date back over 4,000 years.

Specialist-led guided tours through the landscape and into the underground caverns of mid-Wales’ ancient metal mines.

Mid Wales Mine Adventures offer a variety of surface and underground tours which delve into the working conditions, lives and structure of the former mining communities. See the scale of the huge underground workings which lie hidden under the Cambrian Mountains, and learn about the hundreds of people who once worked in this vast industry.

Your tour will immerse you in the history of mid-Wales' mining heritage, as well as offering an unforgettable experience to see and capture the atmosphere of the landscape and underground workings, taking in surviving artifacts and equipment.

All tours are available in Welsh or English, surface or underground, and will be suited to your interests, whether it be history, geology, archaeology, mine exploration or simply those having a day out in mid-Wales!


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