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Get kitted up before entering the dark abandoned and virtually untouched workings of the old Braich Goch mine. The mine first opened in 1836 and our trips take you along the hand-dug tunnels deep into the old mine workings. Discover old tools, machinery, drinks bottles, discarded cigarette packets and more whilst actual stories of life in the mine unfold. Your guide, Mark Waite, is one of Wales' top Mine Explorers and has spent more than 26 years delving around miles of underground caverns and tunnels in and around Braich Goch whilst conducting very thorough research. Mark has met with and interviewed retired miners and their families and documented years of history.
As you explore tales of working life in the mine will unfold in such a way that you can almost feel the mine creaking back to life.
Come, explore and step into the tough working lives of the miners of past generations.


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