Sphere Mania

Bryn Coch Farm, Whitford, Holywell, Flintshire, CH8 8SN, Wales

Established in 1999, SphereMania® has developed into an expanding and lucrative company dominating the UK and operating Worldwide.

We operate in the extreme adventure sport known as ‘Hill Rolling’. This basically involves rolling down a hill at high speed in a large inflatable ball. SphereMania® currently operates all over the UK, and we are not to be confused with any other hill rolling activities.

SphereMania® is an ethical business, working on Christian principles. We believe that this has helped us in our success, indeed 95% of ‘Hill Rolling’ activity in the UK comes through SphereMania®

When you visit one of our SphereMania® sites, and ride in our Spheres, you can be assured every one of our sites and all of our Spheres and equipment have been checked over by the very best Health and Safety bods. We have re-designed our Spheres that many times; we know that we produce the best designed and best made Spheres in the world. No worries!

At SphereMania, we offer a few variations on the theme. At present we use 3 different ‘hill rolling’ Spheres – Harness, Aqua and Eclipse (read more – clicky links); and if you ever wondered what it would be like Sphereing in the air - you can also try Air-Sphere (another clicky link)

Not that we would want to show off… but we now offer more locations than ever, with faster rides, and more variety of Sphereing activities!

Through the years SphereMania® has grown in all areas, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Developments have been coming thick and fast; for instance our Head Office has recently moved into new premises in the Midlands and we are dreaming up exciting deals and promotions for Christmas.

Watch this space, SphereMania® and its International Franchise network have BIG plans for the future.

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