Red Kite Safaris - Wildlife Tours

Caegogrydd Isaf, Aberhosan, Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8SD, Wales

A keen birdwatcher since his youth Elfyn believes that the outstanding countryside which can be found within a daily travelling distance of Machynlleth has much to offer in the way of showing visitors an interesting array of birds and other forms of wildlife in a wide variety of habitat.

Rare birds of prey, woodland birds, coastal and sea-birds, birds of bogs and reedbeds, upland birds and not forgetting the majestic Red Kite.

Mammals- bottlenose dolphin, common or harbour porpoise, atlantic grey seal, badger, fox, stoat, polecat, weasel, brown hare. This area of Wales has a good population of otters but these are shy and elusive creatures by nature and it would be a bonus to see one of these fascinating animals.

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