Celtic Trails - Glyndwr's Way

Welshpool, Powys, Welshpool, Powys, SY21 0PZ, Wales

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Glyndwrs Way National Trail is an outstanding 132 mile (212km) walking route that runs through some of the finest unspoilt scenery in Mid-Wales. The trail is named after Owain Glyndwr, the legendary Welsh leader who led a successful revolt against English domination in 1400.

The trail follows a horseshoe line through long green valleys and the secluded hill-country of the Radnorshire Hills. Because of its remoteness, Glyndwr was able to move rapidly and elusively along these numerous ‘cefnffyrdd’ ancient upland tracks, the key feature in enabling him to fight a guerrilla campaign against the English.

Today in less turbulent times, the countryside has hardly changed. Walking through the beautiful, secluded hill country of mid Wales you will meet few other people, and for many the unspoilt beauty and solitude of the route is its main attraction.

Glyndwrs’ Way can can be walked as a complete walk of approximately 132 miles, or in two sections of approximately of 66 miles each, a perfect weeks walk if you want to complete it in two stages.

There is a further option to complete a circular route, along Offas Dyke Path back to Knighton.