A Dylan Odyssey

Dylan Thomas left an imprint on the memory. Of the vast seascapes, village tracks, urban greys, dusky moorlands, brimming meadows and lush parklands he knew, from Wales to England and the United States.

In his centenary year, Literature Wales has experiences ranging from canoeing through Dylan Thomas’ Taf Estuary overlooking Laugharne, to travelling to Fernhill Farm by horse and carriage with the National Poet of Wales Gillian Clarke and the former Archdruid and poet T. James Jones. Here's a selection that give you a feel for Dylan and the area he called home:

  • Canoeing the Taf Estuary

    Taf Estuary, Laugharne
    Taf Estuary, Laugharne

    4 May, 2014

    Canoe across Dylan Thomas’ Taf Estuary to see views of Sir John’s Hill, Laugharne and the valleys towards Fernhill Farm – all places which inspired poems.

  • The Thomas children

    Laugharne Castle, Carmarthenshire
    Laugharne Castle, Carmarthenshire by Paula J James

    17 May, 2014

    A children’s walk following the footsteps of Dylan Thomas’ children and their dog Mably. A walk to Laugharne Castle for stories, then games, a picnic and storytelling by Hannah Ellis, Dylan’s granddaughter.

  • Dylan's Laugharne

    Browns Hotel in Laugharne

    Browns Hotel in Laugharne, Carmarthenshire

     by Eifion

    17 May, 2014

    A walk around Dylan Thomas’ Laugharne, to include an evening meal at his favourite pub – Browns Hotel – and a performance by Guy Masterton, Richard Burton’s nephew. The day ends with a boat ride at sunset.

  • Dylan at play

    A view of Fishguard harbour from the Manor Town House

    Fishguard from the Manor Town House

     by Literature Wales

    4 - 9 June, 2014 (6 days / 5 nights)

    Dylan Thomas was everyone’s favourite friend, whether it was rolling down the sand dunes mid-battle with his school pals, catching a film with an old flame, celebrating a surreal performance in a Swansea play with a séance at a prehistoric tomb, or drinking with friends in the Llansteffan pubs after rowing across the Taf Estuary. An extended visit to the places where Dylan Thomas played, socialised and relaxed.

  • The National Museum of Wales

    National Museum of Wales
    National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

    14 June, 2014

    A guided wander around the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, taking in art which inspired and was inspired by Dylan Thomas.

  • Caitlin and the Aeron Valley

    A view of the Aeron Valley, Ceredigion with horses in a field

    Aeron Valley, Ceredigion

     by Simon Evans

    5 July, 2014

    A horse ride in Ceredigion following the routes which Dylan Thomas’ wife Caitlin used to trek, followed by a talk on Caitlin by the National Poet of Wales Gillian Clarke. Dylan and Caitlin named their only daughter after this area, Aeronwy or Aeron for short.

  • Hollywood in Swansea

    19 July, 2014

    Join scriptwriter Andrew Davies (Pride and Prejudice, BBC, 1995) in exploring the Swansea cinemas which Dylan Thomas used to visit to indulge his love of Hollywood. The tour is followed by an introduced screening of Andrew’s new Dylan Thomas drama ‘A Poet in New York

  • Dylan's south Carmarthenshire

    Castle on the Llansteffan Coast

    Castle on the Llansteffan Coast, Carmarthenshire

    26 July, 2014

    Travel to Fernhill Farm, where Dylan Thomas holidayed as a child, by horse and carriage with the National Poet of Wales Gillian Clarke and the former Archdruid and poet T. James Jones. Followed by lunch at his favourite pub Brown’s Hotel and a guided tour of the area.

  • The Ceredigion Coast

    Looking Down on Harbour Beach New Quay

    Harbour Beach in New Quay, Ceredigion

    23 August, 2014

    A guided journey to New Quay, which was the inspiration for Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood. To include a meal of local produce in one of Dylan’s seaside pubs, and a performance by actors Helen Griffin and Adrian Metcalfe.

  • The making of Dylan

    Statue outside Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea

    Dylan Thomas statue, Swansea

    6 September, 2014

    A walk through Swansea and Gower to include the places where Dylan Thomas socialised. Lunch in a local brasserie will be accompanied by a talk by Dylan’s pal Sidney Roe (now in his 90s).

Full details of all of these events and others can be found on the Literature Wales website.