Gastro treats from around Wales

Wales is bursting with great food. We’re famous for our cakes, breads, meat and cheeses - smoked, sweetened and matured. Here’s a small selection of places to add to your gastro tour of Wales. 

  • Welsh Sausage Company

    Black Mountain Smokery, Mid Wales

    Find out how this family-run business has developed its smoking skills after decades of perfecting a taste-enhancing art. Based at the heart of the Brecon Beacons, they sell nationally and have a particular penchant, as you might expect, for top-quality smoked salmon, as well as poultry and meats.

  • Tregroes Waffles selection
    Tregroes Waffles selection by Tregroes Waffles

    How does a dark chocolate waffle with a toffee centre sound? Starting out at a bonfire and carrying on their sweet story in the Teifi Valley for 30 years, the aim of this group – whose goods you can find across the country – is to bring a smile to your face. Demand has seen them make up to 4,000 waffles in a working hour.

  • C

    The Celtic Kitchen, Anglesey

    You should always catch a farmers' market when you can during your time in Wales, and these Anglesey producers are a great reason why. Food mini-festival regulars at Conwy, Glasfryn, Beaumaris and other culinary encounters, theirs is the stuff of legend; Welsh Dragon Chilli Chutney, Bardsey Apple and Snowdon Pickle.

  • Selection of cured meats

    Selection of cured meats

    An unusual one to try, here – but the people behind Trealy Farm's produce view charcuterie as both science and art. A gastro favourite, they mainly make pig products such as salamis, air-dried hams and pancetta, but you shout try their beef, venison, wild boar and lamb if you want to know why they're so popular.

  • How much do you know about Lossin Dant, the original welsh mints? No company is better poised to enlighten you than Brays, who create classic sweets from a huge factory in Newport, getting their hands sugary to dish out boiled beauties, fudges and toffees. Their secret, apparently, is using copper pans over open fires.

  • Organic cheese

    Organic cheese

     by Caerfai Farm

    Two choices of cheese with different life stories: the cheddar on this farm has matured for up to a year depending on the season, but the Caerphilly – made to a traditional recipe – can be ready in as little as a fortnight. Leeks and garlics are used in some varieties of it, with the on-site shop open between May and September.

  • Tan Y Castell, Snowdonia

    Tan Y Castell, Snowdonia

     by Gwion Llwyd

    Enjoy the traditional Welsh fruitcake courtesy of the marmalade and spices of these award winning experts. Starting out in a farmhouse, they’ve honed their talent over 15 years to become suppliers to the industry with a reputation for using only the finest ingredients.

  • Patchwork gift box

    Patchwork gift box

     by Tiki Chris

    Although you can choose from a range which includes 25 different types of alcohol from this passionate company, their gift to you is pâté, for which they have won more than 80 taste awards. Devoid of colours, additives and other nasties, they still cook in the small batches they started out with almost 30 years ago.

  • There are lots of good places to try lamb meatballs, but few can claim to be based in the oldest shop in Wales. This tearoom doubles as a delicatessen specialising in traditional Welsh food and drink, with bread, pâté, cakes, cheeses and alcohol available alongside the lamb offerings.

  • Welsh Sausage Company

    Welsh Sausage Company

     by Langfords

    The name might make you expect great things: owner John Langford started out as a butcher in 1980, having delivered meat on his bike as a boy. Their Welsh Dragon Pork, Leek and Chilli Sausage is one of several ideas to have received a prestigious True Taste Award, not to mention their varieties of Caerphilly Cheese Sausage.

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