Visit Wales 2017 TV advert unveiled

2017 is Wales’ Year of Legends and this year’s advert showcases the scale, the adventure and the imagination of the legendary Welsh landscape.

As the Welsh landscape prompts us to jump, climb, ride or dance – the new ad aims to inspire minds to soar.  Directed by Marc Evans, who directed Hinterland, the new advert evokes the spirit of the past interwoven with the imagination of the future.

Starring Welsh actor Luke Evans, the actor has starred in a clutch of Hollywood blockbusters including The Hobbit, Girl on the Train and as Gaston in upcoming blockbuster Beauty and the Beast. 

Find your epic…deep in the soul of Wales…

Luke’s involvement with the campaign sums up the Year of Legends, where history, storytelling and folklore interact with contemporary events and attractions.

The 2017 advert conjures up tales of the past in a fresh and contemporary way – with the dynamic landscape becoming a part of the action on screen.  

The advert’s script hints at the legends and heroes who have walked the land and highlights a landscape that surprises and inspires us.

The filming location at Llyn Llydaw, a natural lake in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, is a perfect backdrop for a visual representation of the adventure and drama of Wales epic past and future.