17 September 2015

#Unleashed at Surf Snowdonia

We have another world first for Wales this weekend.
Red Bull have teamed up with Surf Snowdonia to create Red Bull Unleashed, a surfing competition 10 miles from the coast in the small North Wales town of Dolgarrog.
Surf Snowdonia is home to the world's first publicly surfable Wavegarden lagoon, creating an exciting new format for competitive surfing. A roster of world class surfers including 6 times Welsh champion Rhys Barfield will descend on North Wales to go head-to-head in the first ever competition held at Surf Snowdonia.
A set of qualifying rounds will narrow the field from 24 to 16 surfers, pairs will then face each other in a head to head tournament using best of five matchplay-style clashes to decide who makes it to the final.

Man made waves at Surf Snowdonia

Man made waves at Surf Snowdonia

 by Surf Snowdonia

Competitors will battle it out on perfectly crafted artificial waves up to two metres high that peel perfectly for more than 150 metres. 2,500 spectators will get front row seats to the action with grandstand style seating surrounding the lagoon filled with some of the most exciting freesurfers in the world.

Visit the official event website to find out more...