22 May 2015

From stations across the UK, join up with the No.6 train

Pull into Portmeirion relaxed and ready to go, aboard the No.6 train. Get half price fares with No.6's partner Virgin Trains from stations in the UK. Then get aboard the No.6 train at Crewe with a reserved seat all the way to Bangor. Then onto a shuttle bus to transfer to and from the festival site.

Festival No. 6 Train map

Festival No. 6 Train map

 by Festival No. 6

Festival No.6 is based in the surreal and wonderfully scenic Portmeirion. Hosting a wonderful array of music acts from Belle & Sebastian to the reformed Black Grape. Shaun Ryder and his gang are back together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their number one albumn 'It’s Great When You’re Straight...Yeah.' As Paul "Kermit" Leveridge says “Festival No.6 is unique. It's a festival that has something for everybody, whether you wanna party hard or you’re a culture vulture. They always have great acts and it’s a beautiful backdrop. This will be the third year I’ve been to No.6 and I'm really looking forward to tearing it up with Black Grape.”

Shaun and Kermit from Black Grape

Kermit and Shaun from Black Grape

 by Karin Albinsson

As well as music, there is comedy from Katherine Ryan and Ardal O'Hanlon amongst others. Talks from a real mixture of people, Irvine Welsh, Dom Joly and Eideth Bowman to name a few. In addition to this there is theatre, spectacles and art installations.

More than enough to keep you entertained... Oh and don't forget the beautiful views.

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