12 June 2015


Twitter is celebrating #FoodFriday today so we decided to join in and celebrate the amazing food in Wales.
We love Welsh Food, local produce, slow and fast food.

A braised lamb chop, potato cake on a bed of green sauce and beans at the Potted Pig restaurant

Potted Pig, Cardiff by Maggs Rossi

The food offering in Wales has never been better. It really is top of its game and internationally recognised.
We have world renowned food festivals and events, Michelin starred restaurants, award winning suppliers and producers and a burgeoning street food scene.  

Here's a glimpse of what Welsh food has to offer, including Jamie Oliver's FoodTube chefs in Wales:

Jamie Oliver's FoodTube in Wales

The Chiappa Sisters & Franco Taruschio

The Chiappa Sisters & Franco Taruschio

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