06 January 2014

Stars in full bloom

View of the moon from National Botanic Gardens of Wales

Image of the moon, courtesy of National Botanic Gardens of Wales.

 by Darren Boxer

This week, we’re celebrating the newest Welsh hot spot for stargazing.  The National Botanic Garden of Wales has been awarded Dark Sky Discovery Site status, one of 25 new ‘dark sky’ sites to coincide with Stargazing Live Week.  

The gardens are also hosting a special star-gazing event on the 7th February 6.30pm-9pm where visitors will have the opportunity to see the Moon, Jupiter, the Orion Nebula and other cosmic wonders.  

The gardens status award follows the Brecon Beacon’s granting of international dark sky reserve status.  

Even if you’re a beginner and you don’t know your astronomy from your astrology, you won’t be short of admiration for the wonders of the night sky.