16 June 2014

Beauty and the beach

However you judge when summer has started (1st June for the meteorological season or the 21st June for the astronomical) it's that time of year when lots of us head to the coast. A time to relax, unwind, unplug and switch off.

Tenby's North Beach

Tenby's North Beach, Pembrokeshire by Simon.Matthews

With a variety of coastal views and a path to view it from, Wales has something for everyone. Award winning, world beating, fall in love with beaches. Varying from easy access ones to small hideaways to those where you can watch your dog run away for miles. Sounds good? Well apart from the dog but you can catch up with him at  the dog-friendly local.

Grab your beach-ball, bucket and spade and head for our shores. If you have little ones in tow head to one of our toddler friendly beaches. Beaches that are easy to access and have the most important facilities to hand - toilets and ice-cream.

If you or they need entertaining, give a coastal activity a go. Surfing, windsurfing and coasteering to name a few. Or a stroll along a section of the coast path or use up their energy in the sand dunes. Merthyr Mawr has the 2nd highest dune in Europe and is used by the Welsh rugby team.

Merthyr Mawr sand dunes

Merthyr Mawr, Glamorgan Heritage Coast

 by allyhook

When the calls of 'I'm hungry' come again, finish off the day with the smoky smell of local meat, fish or veg on a beach barbecue.