Spooky ghost tours 

There are some very old buildings in Wales and our land is full of myths and legends. So it’s no surprise that there are lots of haunted houses and castles to discover. If you dare to venture out at night in search of ghosts we’ve got six ghost tours for you to try.

  • Giant chess set in the courtyard of Bodelwyddan Castle, Rhyl
    Bodelwyddan Castle, Rhyl by Marcher57

    Take a ghost walk at Bodelwyddan Castle in North Wales with their in-house paranormal investigations team. As you tour the castle you will learn about the history of the house, its inhabitants and listen to ghost stories and personal accounts of paranormal experiences. For the braver ghost hunter, the paranormal investigations team also run over night investigations.

  • Victorian kitchen inside Plas Mawr house
    Plas Mawr kitchen, Conwy, North Wales

    Plas Mawr offer evening tours at certain times of the year where you will be taken around the centuries old Elizabethan town house in Conwy. It’s ornately decorated with fireplaces and colourful plasterwork and is reportedly haunted. Your guide will tell you about the history of the house and relay stories of spooky goings on. As you walk the old passageways you will come to rooms decorated with pentagrams to ward off evil spirits – there’s plenty to make your hair stand on end! 

  • Dead Mans Steps sign in Tenby
    Dead House Steps sign, Tenby

    Take a walking ghost tour of the seaside town of Tenby in West Wales. Your informative guide will meet you outside the Lifeboat Tavern where you will start your ghost tour. You go to various haunted locations and hear tales of ghosts, pirate spirits, murders and demons. This tour is packed with local history and as well as hauntings, you will be told about local superstitions at sea, death rituals, fairy magic and witches.

  • Silhouette of Llandaff Cathedral at sunset
    Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff by ndall

    This highly recommended ghost tour takes place in the ancient village setting of Llandaff in Cardiff. Behind today’s quiet setting lies a turbulent past of war, plunder and tragedy. On the tour you will hear ghostly tales of ancient Celtic spirits, modern hauntings, mysterious lights and misty forms that appear in the cathedral cemetery and along the River Taff.

  • Interior of the Rummer Tavern, one of the most haunted pubs in Cardiff
    Rummer Tavern, a reputedly haunted pub in Cardiff by @unclewilco

    This walking ghost tour takes in some of Cardiff’s most haunted buildings. Starting in the heart of the city centre outside the National Museum of Wales, your Blue Badge guide David Thompson will tell you stories of ghost hauntings, reincarnation, dragons and burials. This ghost tour is widely regarded as one of the most informative and entertaining in Britain.

  • Llancaiach Fawr house and gardens
    Llancaiach Fawr, South Wales Valleys

    One of the most haunted houses in Wales, Llancaiach Fawr dates from 1530. Today the manor is restored to how it was in 1645 and strange goings on have been reported in nearly every room of the house. As you walk the dark rooms by candlelight you may just see the ghost of nineteenth century housekeeper “Mattie” or you maybe lucky enough to glimpse Edward Prichard, master of Llancaiach Fawr during the Civil War.

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