A day at Bear Grylls' Survival Academy

We are the Wickes family from a village near Kendal in the English Lake District. Kirstie (Mum) Stuart (Dad) and the kids; Matthew (age 13), Cameron (age 12) and Hannah (age 9). Our latest family adventure took place int the woods of Snowdonia as part of the Bear Grylls Survival Academy Course at the Dragon Raiders Activity Park near Criccieth.

4 lessons in survival skills

As an outdoor family this is definitely our kind of activity, although our excitement was tinged with apprehension. Would it be a case of ‘I’m a family, get me out of here?’

From the start we were immersed in a brave new world. The emphasis of the course was ‘self rescue’ - how to stay alive if stranded in the wilderness. The learning is all based on Bear’s theories and practice, we learned how to start fire, make shelter, filter water, and find and trap our food. (Easy with a Twix, less so with a rabbit.) 

We were skilled up to cross rivers on a rope or using a tree branch. And then our main test; to escape from Cabin Woods. All I can say is there was a whole lot of running and crawling involved; much of it in rivers. And quite a bit of mud. In short, we all became Bear Grylls - it was great fun. 

It was an exhilarating chance to test our mettle, bond as a family and get back to nature. I can’t think of a better activity for teenagers who need to get out of their bedroom more.

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