8 legendary ideas to celebrate St David’s Day

St David’s Day - It’s a great day to celebrate Wales and all things Welsh – and everyone celebrates in their own way, whether it’s with food (oh the food!) concerts, parades or completely unique experiences to cherish and remember forever.

The patron saint himself was an advocate of being cheerful and doing the little things that matter, so with that in mind (and the dawn of a sunny new season), there are plenty of reasons to smile this spring.

Here are just some ideas to make your St David’s Day legendary.

Make a special Welsh cocktail:

There are some great selections of beers, spirits and wines to choose from and many now available in your local supermarket, so for March 1st why not indulge in a Welsh tipple and matching mixers? Imagine a Brecon Gin and Llanllyr Tonic Water Fizz, a Penderyn on the rocks or a Lurvill’s Sling!). As we say in Welsh: ‘Iechyd da!’ (Cheers!).

Lurvill's Delights

The original botanical blend

 by Lurvill's Delights

Discover a Welsh flavour to remember:

Why not re-invent an old Welsh classic, create something new (like the Welsh rarebit burger created by Welsh restaurant The Sunken Hundred in Brooklyn) or go with an absolute classic: Welsh cawl, bara brith or Welsh cakes. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more welcoming smell that the smell of Welsh cakes warming on a griddle. For a Welsh cake with a twist, Fabulous Welshcakes in Cardiff Bay offer some legendary flavour twists (chocolate orange Welsh cakes, anyone?)

Welsh cakes
Welsh cakes

Rock / Bop your socks off:

If you’re a bit of a party animal, explore a slice of nightlife in one of Wales’ fine cities. Cardiff is home to some of Wales’ finest clubs, bars and cafes where legends of our musical heritage have all earned their performing stripes. Witness the legends of tomorrow in the sweaty but legendary rock and pop venue ‘Clwb Ifor Bach’ in Womanby Street, Cardiff, chill out with an intimate slice of Americana/roots music in Pembrokeshire or some legendary ‘Dad dancing’ at swanky Venu in Pwllheli.

Swn Festival

Swn Festival

 by Wales On View

Cwtsh up with a loved one:

Not a night owl? Well staying in is the new going out, apparently…and what better way to celebrate the patron saint of Wales than safe at home with the people you love – cwtsch up with a Welsh blanket, buy some daffodils or even buy a special Welsh gift – what about some historic/heritage jewellery like Clogau Gold or the Historic Wales Collection by Advance Jewel Craft.

Clogau Gold, heart shaped necklaces

Clogau Gold, necklaces

 by Clogau Gold

Visit St Davids in Pembrokeshire:

There is surely no better tribute to our patron saint than a visit to the spectacular cathedral in St Davids. Tie in with a trip to nearby Bishop’s Palace and the Blue Lagoon at Aberieddy and we’d say that’s a pretty epic day out.

St David's

St David's 

 by Wales On View

Connect with Welsh culture:

Learn about the myths, the people and the history of Wales at our (free) national museums: the National Wool Museum, National Museum Cardiff, National Waterfront Museum, National Coal Museum, the National Slate Museum and St Fagans, the National History Museum. But it’s not all sword-wielding kings, charging romans and mystical myths of past…discover new and emerging legends: the designers, artists, foodies, architects and musicians of the future (and have a go yourself while you’re at it…selfies are encouraged, of course.

Caerleon Museum

Caerleon Museum

 by National Museum Wales

Get your pulse racing:

What about a dip, a plunge or a wild swim to remind you you’re alive! St David’s Day in Wales signals the start of spring, so it’s no wonder we go a bit dotty. Embrace the changing of the season and the endless possibilities for spring and summer fun by going for a bracing dip/paddle/splash in the sea. Either that or take it a step further with a mad scramble along Wales’ legendary coastline with a St David’s Day Coasteering experience. If you’re feeling brave though, you could actually spend the night on a cliff edge. Just remember…keep your eyes in the horizon and don’t look down!

Cliff camping

Cliff camping

 by Gaia Adventures

Do the little things

St David was a peace-loving, vegetarian teetotaller who said: ‘Be cheerful and keep your faith and belief, and do the little things that you have seen and heard through me.’ Basically: be good and be kind and do the little things that matter…we quite agree!