Festival No.6 at Portmeirion

I am not a number; I am a superb music festival... Festival No.6 has to be located in the most naturally-stunning, surreal spot of any in the UK. Its site is the main act. Events take place throughout the ‘village’ perhaps best known for the setting for the 1960’s cult TV series The Prisoner. Festival No.6 is a great example of a festival that couldn’t happen anywhere else. This is not some anonymous field. This is a Welsh festival with a very strong identity. It is a festival as unique as Portmeirion itself.

Festival N°6, Portmeirion
Festival N°6, Portmeirion

Where to stay:

Well it has to be in the village. But Portmeirion isn't really a village at all, since no one lives there. Its cottages and other buildings have been converted into small apartments, serviced by two hotels; the main hotel down on the water's edge and the other; Castell Deudraeth, an imposing, castellated Gothic castle. When the day-trippers have gone home, and the sun sets over the estuary, with the mountains looming behind, there’s really no place like it on earth! 

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